Coupon Using Guide

It's easy to use a discount coupon code at If you don't get it clearly, please follow the steps below:

Coupon Using Steps:

Step 1 - Copy & Active the Coupon
Click the coupon to copy & active it, if applicable from the "Coupon code"

Step 2 - Get the Discount Offer
Usually, the price has been discounted for you.
If not, please Enter the coupon code in the "coupon code box" and then click "update" button.

If the coupon code doesn't work:

1). Bookmark the product web page.
2). Clear your cookies (How-to).
3). Restart your browser again.
4). Or try to use another web browser, just like Google Chrome or FireFox.

More questions about coupon code, please visit Contact/Help.

Note: Your payment price is the discounted price before you pay, otherwise specified on order. If your payment price is higher than the discounted price, please DON'T click the checkout button, but please contact us.

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